By Clicking the link below, you will be directed to our calendar which will give you time and location for our weekly meets:



By clicking on each event on each day (runs are in green and rides are in yellow, swims are in blue), you will get the location and details of the meet. Our calendar is updated as we add more meets and events.

Or you can read below for a quick summary of our regular official meets:

Where and when do we run?

Our  weekly scheduled walk/runs can accommodate anyone’s busy calendar. Pick a day and come join us! You will find a welcoming, friendly bunch always ready for a run (and a talk!)

Our weekly runs are as follows:


1. Thursday evening: meet at 6:15pm, run/walk starts at 6:30pm at the Running Company 62 S Main St, MedfordNJ

2. Sunday morning: 8:00am, meet at the Running Company 62 S Main St, Medford, NJ


3. Tuesday morning :5:15am meet at the Running Company.

I know so early!  but believe me, there is nothing better than a early morning run/walk with friends to start the day.

Where and when do we ride?

We meet twice a week to ride our bikes weather permitting. Please check the Facebook Group for announcements the day of the ride if the weather is uncertain. Any non member is welcomed to join us for one ride to meet the group and see how they like it! We will ask you to sign a waiver form before the ride.

Wednesday 6:30pm at Bob Meyer Park Playground (called Medford Fort) parking lot.

Saturday 9:00am Shawnee High School first parking lot on the right

Please find a few basics rules to go by when riding! Safety first!
1) all riders should have a properly fitting helmet
2) lights for front and back of your bike are recommanded
3) do not wear lose fitting pants at the calves
4) a spare tube is recommended
5) a bike with gears is preferred