If you always wanted to find a fun group to run with , we are it! Whether you want to get back in shape, start a couch to 5k, attempt your first half marathon, or simply find some running companions, you can join the group who does not care about your pace.


So what’s up with the ridiculous name?


Back in late 2016, after several months of participating to a local group organized runs, I  was feeling left back and way too slow. I realized there was a void for a group which would support the recreational runners. Candidly, at the time, a group of 4 or 5 of us had started to run on our own time at our own pace and we affectionately called ourselves “The Turtles”.


Your pace is our pace!


In December of that year, we created a Facebook group and started to communicate our mission: to entice beginners to start running, to motivate, support, and help progress the recreational runners with a strong motto in mind “your pace is our pace and no one is left behind”.
In less than three months, we had 300 Facebook members and had met dozens of new members who were coming to our runs.

Our mission is more to support than to beat a personal record. Although most of us do love to PR and do so thanks to the motivation of this group!


We became more than a running group. We enter races, we hang out, and socialize, we try new sports, we go away on destination races, we formed a dynamic, warm, all inclusive welcoming team of runners and novice triathletes. Even more exhilarating, we saw many who could not complete a two mile run when they first joined complete their first half marathon in less that one year!


Our core mission is stronger than before, we continue to appeal and help the recreational slower pace runners but also help anyone reach their running and fitness goals no matter how little or big they are.


At the end of the day, all we want is to run, attempt new activities, and have fun. 


And that’s what the Turtles are all about!

So don’t be fooled by the silly name, yes we do have slower paced runners (11 to 12 minute miles) and walkers who are working to one day finish a 5K, but we also love our speedy Turtles: who are clocked at 9 minute miles and even checked off a full marathon off their bucket list this year!